Six Reasons Why Pushkar is a Good destination for Holi Celebration

Six Reasons Why Pushkar is a Good destination for Holi Celebration

- by Deepak Goswami
April 14, 2019

In October 2018, when I was on Rajasthan bike tour, I went to Pushkar. This place took a good space in my heart and I even stayed there more than I had planned. It is quite serene and there is one good thing about it: local people are very generous and tourist friendly.

Holi is celebrated in every part of India but I want to explain why I chose Pushkar to celebrate it this year. And these are the main six reasons:

Safe place for solo female and foreigners

Pushkar recently got focus internationally for its Holi festival. Tourists from all over the world come here. I booked a place where most foreigners came for Holi celebration. I talked with them about their experience in this colorful festival and no one told me a negative review about the Indian crowd or the way we play with colors. Everyone enjoyed with full fun and respect. Most of them told me they will come again.

Foreigners in Holi celebration

Solo travelers after Holi celebration

Everyone like colors

Full Music and Dance

Holi celebration without dance and music is not complete!! So, here you can enjoy high sound music, a local band performance and some mix band performance where Indians and foreigners play and perform together at one stage.

Drum player perform in Pushkar Holi

Drum player perform in at Holi celebration

At this music band sound, people perform their own dance steps and enjoy. The sound of drums is also a strong invitation to those shy people who never danced like me. During these three days of celebration local people also performed a Rajasthani folk dance called Gair with full energy.

Full of picturesque moments for a cameraman

Those who don’t know colors and cameras go side by side,…so many cameras were there to capture colorful faces and flying colorful powder and the moments when petals were pouring from the rooftops by volunteers. Every face was a new frame for photographers. Clicking many incredible pictures is also a way to photographers to celebrate Holi.

flowers Holi In Pushkar

flowers Holi

One evening before Colorful Holi

One selfie before Colorful Holi

Good management

Thousands of people dancing on one beat at one small place. Everybody pouring colorful powder on each other. Everything was managed so carefully that there was no chance for confusion or any other misbehavior by other peoples. CCTV cameras and more than 100 volunteers were in the management team who arranged this festival in the safest environment and full of enjoyment. Local police were also there in every nook and corner.

Pool party

After enjoying a full day dancing and playing with color, everyone needs water to feel fresh and clean. So a pool is a good option to get yourself relaxed. Many resorts arrange pool parties. It doesn´t matter whether you booked the room in these resorts or not.  You can only pay an extra charge for the pool party.


A good place to Meet New people

while your friends are busy in their professional life or they celebrate festivals sleeping or resting, Pushkar is the place for you to meet people who want to enjoy every moment of life. The type of place where people look for to convert good moments in memories for life. Pushkar is the place where most people come alone but they feel like everyone here is his/her friend, whether they are Indians or Non-Indians. All solo or group travelers mix themselves together in colors and unite in a new group and new colors.


I met Mr.Rubir an ex-army man, who is traveling India and making full informative Videos about places to inspire people for traveling. I am a Subscriber of his YouTube channel “Chal le Oye” since a long time and always excited to watch his latest video. I am very thankful to God for meeting this happy and traveling soul in Pushkar. Click on the link to watch his  Pushkar Holi Video


How was your experience with  HOLI this year?  Write down your comments




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  2. As someone said, A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
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