About Me

Welcome to The Travel drive

My name is Deepak Goswami, A Travel&Tourism Professional. from Madhya Pradesh India, Lover of Mountains, Rivers, offbeat-destinations, abandoned places, Wildlife, Trekking, and Biking. Living in Rishikesh (Uttrakhand) since January 2018. The Travel Drive is the home of all my travel memories.

Traveling, a Childhood Dream:

I had a dream to travel places since my schooldays. My school used to organize a long trip every year but being from a lower-middle-class income group family, it was not possible for me to pay for the trip. Somehow my father managed, and I traveled some places like Uttrakhand, Delhi, and Nepal with my family.


Travel became my studies:

After I graduated, my father gave me an opportunity to complete my post-graduation, and I got a chance to live my life as I wished to, so I decided to make my career in the Tourism sector. Thus, in July 2008, I went to Bhubaneshwar on student loan and did my MBA in Travel & Tourism.


Travel Has become Bread and butter:

It was a very high point in my life when I got the opportunity to work as a tour coordinator of M.P. State Tourism, I visited Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, but every itinerary was fixed according to the tourists. After about three years I was bored and unhappy with these fixed tours and office work. I could not leave my job because I was the only person who earned bread and butter for my family. I worked for five years in M.P. Tourism and left my job with an idea of starting my own business venture.

I thought that if I would start my own business then I will get money as well as opportunities to travel. I had some money with me and my friend helped for the rest of it. I entered in a partnership business, a company which had an adventure camp site in Dhanolti(Uttrakhand).


Travel became more than Money:

One year passed  in business, I was running behind  money, I was losing myself & my dream, I couldn’t even travel anywhere the last year,

Several times I made plans to travel but did not get the time to execute them because of the workload.

I was feeling stuck and decided to visit Uttrakhand by bike, so I bought my first bike and went to Yamunotri, Source of the Yamuna river. That short trip ignited my dream once again.

I was not feeling comfortable at all. How could I ruin my precious time and energy only on earning money? Money is an important part of life but it cannot mean everything to me! July 2017, after completing eighteen months in the business, I decided to withdraw from the partnership. I knew it was going to be a huge loss for me, but my goal was not to be rich, I wanted to be happy and my ultimate happiness is traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, trekking on Himalaya, walking in jungles, living village lives, long bike riding.

I invested my money in coal and construction business and set myself free to travel.


Solo living and Solo Traveling

Nag Tibba was my first solo trek ever and after this trek, I decided to live on my own, no friends, no relatives, no family member. I wished to live around all the beautiful places that I have traveled to. However, the one place that always popped up in my mind first was Rishikesh because it relates to my childhood. It is situated on the bank of The River Ganga, surrounded by beautiful green hills on all sides, atmosphere filled with devotion, meditation, and yoga. People living in this area are very generous and helpful.


All my travel memories create The Travel drive

Just like every normal evening, I was sitting near The Ganga, I said to myself that I need to inspire people to travel, I assembled all my travel diaries and decided to share my travel experience and tips with people, who are young and spending all their time in the office or running for the money. Thus, I created The Travel Drive.


My philosophy 

I believe travel is certainly important for personal growth and expanding your perspectives. A solo travel or long distance travel can give you a life-changing experience. We all have fears, we all are afraid of changes and facing life’s challenges but if we face them life gives us what we really want from it.

I am not advising you to quit your job but I am in favor of Earn, Save, and Travel.

“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”- You won’t get this life again.

If I can, why can’t you?


My Dream:

Explore India by 2020.

I want to make A Eco-friendly Hotel near The Ganga river in Rishikesh.

Thanks for reading.