Andaman and Nicobar – Things to Do

Andaman and Nicobar – Things to Do

- by Deepak Goswami
February 22, 2019

         Andaman and Nicobar 


In my last birthday, my friends wanted to travel. So they decided a one week trip with me.  They assumed total responsibility for all the arrangement even choosing the destination.  They started to plan by searching lots of options in Google. After ten days of working on it they told me:

“Get ready!! We are going to Andaman and Nicobar. As I listened to it I got emotional because it was the first time I was going to travel for my birthday celebration.



A Lifetime Memorable View from Flight:-

As the flight took off,  I was looking out of the window and poking my friend to look out as well. I was above Delhi pollution, the fog and the cold. Street traffic and building lights looked so attractive. After a few minutes, everything disappeared instantly. I was listening to music and suddenly my ear was filled up with words of good wishes. It was my 31st birthday. I was flying with my friends and I was sure that moment would become a lifetime memory. I was so grateful to them!!

We would be reaching Chennai within a few minutes. From Chennai, we would get an early morning flight to Port Blair. I didn’t want to miss the plane landing view at Andman airport so I requested for a window seat. The group of tiny islands which consists of about 300 islands  -out of which 36 islands are inhabited- gives such an impressive and picturesque look,  Nobody wanted to miss it. Admire the vastness of Bengal Bay from the airplane seat was amazing.


The prison which now became a pilgrimage site:-

First I wanted to visit the place where our fighters for Independence have been kept locked up and were severely punished. That place is known as Cellular Jail.

cellular jail

cellular jail

As I entered into Cellular Jail I mourned and became very silent…. my eyes got completely wet as I visited Veer Savarkar´s cell. I wondered what kind of torture and corporal punishments our freedom fighters got here!! It is impossible to imagine. I wanted to spend more time but my heart was very sad and my eyes were wet. So,  I left Cellular Jail within 20minuts. I want to make clear that Cellular Jail is a pilgrimage destination for every Indian. Every Indian must visit this place in Port  Blair.


Afterward, I spent my full day near the sea. I didn’t want to go anywhere! Only the sea could give me some strength to overcome my sad heart caused by visiting Cellular Jail.

Rose Island

Rose Island view from port Blair.

bay of Bengal

Bay of Bengal


We had a night party in the hotel and shared my birthday cake with other tourists.

port blair

Birthday celebration


Cruise journey from Port Blair to Havelock Island

port blair

dock area in Port Blair


After 2 hrs cruise journey, we reached Havlock Island.


Havlock A calm and quite island

after 2 hrs cruise journey from Port Blair we reached a tiny island which is the home of the most beautiful beaches of Asia.

People here are very generous and look happy.  They mostly depend on agriculture. Once the island is not too much crowded, most people commute on cycle. Few people have motorbike or car. There is a small market for locals and a good variety for seafood lovers.  Hotels from budget category to five stars and even luxury resorts and hotels are available here. Havelock has many things to please all type of tourists: adventure lover, beach lover or just relax and enjoy.


coconut collecting in havelock

drinking coconut water is must in Andaman.


Cycling at Havelock

If you like to ride a bicycle, Havelock Island has cycle tracks better than roads for motor vehicles. It was drizzling and the entire cycle track was empty and I was cycling alone to Radha Nagar beach. Both sides of the road ar filled with Banana and coconut trees. The sound of the birds invited me to sing loudly! When I am in a good mood, I always sing if there is nobody to listen. I rode more than 20km and returned cycle back on my last day. There are so many nice things to do in Havelock and it is so good to cycle around and remember the childhood days.

cycling in havelock

my cycle giving nice look.

Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) A Paradise for the beach lover

Crystal clear blue water, white sand,  green coconut, and palm trees make Radha Nagar beach a top destination in Asia. It is also listed in the top ten most beautiful beach in the world. Radha Nagar beach is very calm and safe to swim.


Kala Pathar beach, Vijay Nagar beach, Elephant beach are the most beautiful, picturesque and must see beaches in Havelock.



Mother nature and your planned vacation-

The government security forces gave Ockhi cyclone alert, so the cruise service for Port Blair was on hold. Therefore I got the chance to remain one more day in Havelock Island.

My adventurous soul said thanks to God for one more day in this beautiful place. Most tourists were afraid and they just wanted to get out from Havelock as soon as possible. They were shouting at the cruise staff and some were asking for helicopter service, which was also limited and could not evacuate all tourists.

cyclone in havelock

after cyclone beach in Havelock


relaxing moments in havelock

Relaxing moments after Cyclone alert.

Water sports activities were also affected and I missed scuba diving and other adventure activities but I promised to the nature at Andaman that I will come back again for a long stay.

havelock Dolphin resort

last picture in Havelock


Things to do in Andaman & Nicobar Islands:-

it is not all the time that nature remains in bad mood, but on this trip of mine, nature was a little bit upset. There are many things to see and many things to do in the Andaman & Nicobar group of islands.

Baratang Island-

 famous for mangroves, limestone caves, and Parrot Island. These are must things too see in Baratang Island

Rose Island-

Rename as Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, Rose Island is a beautiful place to visit. There are lots of deer roaming freely and you can see the ruins of houses and buildings.


Endless opportunities & activities for adventure lovers like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, speed boat and many more.


New hope to travel more:- 

When I arrived at Delhi airport, it was all decorated for Christmas season. This involves long holiday leave from office and work and new hope to those who just arrived from somewhere to travel more.



  1. Make a flexible plan.
  2. Visit small islands like Rose, Neil, Havelock first and, in the end, visit Port Blair.
  3. Return back to Port Blair two days before your return ticket so if weather condition is not good,  you have less chance to have to cancel your return ticket.
  4. Don’t pay the full amount if you are booking in advance. Pay only about 15-20% for the hotel, taxi, and water sports activities.
  5. Take cash because an ATM service is not good.
  6. Drink a good amount of water/coconut water.



How to reach:-

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island.

By Air:- Veer Savarkar airport has a daily flight from Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The flight takes approx 2hrs to reach Port Blair.

By Ship:- Kolkata, Chennai, and Vishakhapatnam have connectivity with Port Blair by ship and it takes approx 60hrs

By Road:- There is no inland connection to Andaman island s. it is necessary to cross  Bengal Bay either by flight or ship.

By Train:- There is no train route which connects Andaman to the rest of India.

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